Arts & Culture Program


Jacksonville Aviation Authority ARTS & CULTURE Program 

Today, airport art programs have become an aviation industry standard. Airports are the entryways to our cities and provide the opportunity to connect directly with the community at large. The intention of the airport art program is to provide a positive distraction, to sooth and inspire travelers, and also to educate visitors about the abundant artistic and cultural resources available within the region.

Airport art programs are a source of great cultural pride displayed at major airports across the globe and introduce newcomers to the heart and soul of a community. The Jacksonville Aviation Authority recognized this need in 1995 and established the JAA Arts & Culture Program.

For more information about our Art Program and Artist Opportunities,
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JAA Arts & Culture Program Manager

14201 Pecan Park Road Jacksonville, FL

Office: (904) 741.3546


#JAXAirportLive is a voluntary performance program to enhance the passenger experience at JAX while showcasing local musical talent. Performance space is in the central courtyard of the airport, located pre-security. Each performer will be scheduled, at least 3 times per month. JAX does not compensate musicians, but does offer free parking during each performance, as well as a $15 meal voucher per performance to any of the restaurants in the courtyard**. To be a performer at JAX you will be required to pass a criminal records check to receive a parking badge.


Musicians are permitted to accept tips by placing a tip jar out, or using a sign to encourage tips through Paypal, Venmo or Cashapp. JAX will work with musicians to provide a digital or printed sign to promote tipping by the public.

Musicians are permitted to sell their own music in the form of CD's or digital download.

Musicians will bring their own equipment and manage all audio needs. JAX Airport does not provide an audio technician.

** Due to COVID-19 the only pre-security restaurant currently open is Starbucks. Limited hours of availability.

To apply for the #JAXAirportLive Music Program, please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER